Who Am I?

Compassionate. Kind. Positive. Thoughtful. Creative. Amazing. Loving. Wacky. Sweet. Caring. Appreciative. Fun. Friendly. Quirky. Cheerful. Upbeat. Supportive. Story Teller. Amber.

I am all of those things, but in reality I am just me. I haven’t always had an easy road, have had quite a few curveballs thrown my way but no matter which way the ball landed, I was never afraid to take that swing. Two things got me through my darkest times, photography and writing. I became a story teller through my photography. For the longest time each photo I took had a story to tell and I wasn’t afraid to tell it. This is a blog for me to share my stories with anyone who would like to read, but more importantly it is to spread positivity and help all of us to always remember to be kind.

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